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As a Queensland Government employee you are eligible to restructure your salary in a way that is approved by the Australian Tax Office, which means you could pay less tax and have more money to spend on the things you want. It enables you to buy a range of everyday items that you’re probably already paying for, using your salary before it gets taxed. Here’s an example of your salary before and after salary packaging.

Once you choose which items you’d like to package, and sign up with Smartsalary, we’ll open an account for you. To find out which items you can package, please click here.

We’ll calculate how much money your employer needs to send us each pay cycle before your salary is taxed. The rest of your salary is then taxed and paid into your bank account as normal. Depending on the items you package the funds sent to Smartsalary are then paid straight back to you or to a third party on your behalf.

Here's a handy video to show you how it works:


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